Yokohama National University, Spintronics/Magnonics Research Laboratory


  • Spin-wave propagation in nano-scaled magnetic wires
  • Spin-orbit torque modulation of spin wave propagation
  • Spin-wave logic/ magnon transistor
  • Visualization of evolution of magnon density in spin device
  • Magnonic Crystals
  • Spin-wave beams generated by STNO

Magnonics is a research field that aims to control and manipulate spin waves in magnetic materials for information processing. Spin waves enable Boolean and non-Boolean computing with low-power consumption. Their wave properties also allow distinct functionalities, such as multi-input/output (nonlinear) operations.

Magnon Bose-Einstein Condensation

  • Parameteric amplification of magnon density
  • Magnon Bose-Einstein condenstion
  • Magnetic Soliton
  • Control of magnon beam

Bose-Einstein condensation is a fascinating phenomenon among the quantum many-body effects. The main objects of magnonics is the physics of magnon dynamics, i.e., the feature of bosonic dynamics, and the magnon is considered to be one of the candidates which show the room temperature Bose-Einstein condensation. We are engaging in the BEC experiment with the BLS microscopy which enable to count the magnon density in a solid.